A few things we’re great at


Our team focus on localizing content on YouTube to reach new audiences in China. Especially for successful content creators who have captured a large portion of their target audience and are seeing their growth.

Localization includes appropriate translation, suitable cover page, video re-editing and fans management etc. We can provide all these service for you and make you become integrated with Chinese audience. A proper localization plan would help to escalate your success and take you from a bottleneck to breakthrough.


Many Youtubers have tried entering the Chinese market but have not performed well. One of the most important reasons is a lack of a strong targeted marketing strategy. There are many rules and methods to promote videos in the video sharing website or App. We would consider your channel type and Chinese local appetite to customize a marketing plan for you. This will reduce your costs and maximize your benefits. There are many cases whereby foreign content creators become much more popular in China than any other area in the world and we want to help make that a reality for you.

Copyright Protection

We provide end-to-end copyright protection service in China nationwide,We are the publisher of BCEE (Beijing Culture Equity Exchange), and protect the copyright through the national copyright trading and service system.

Like in other countries, copyright arises in China as soon as an original work is created, even in most cases where the work is created outside of China.

We are willing and able to take all necessary action through our legal team and public relationship team, including administrative action and judicial action, to protect the copyright of our partners.

Financial Service

China has stricter accounting and tax regulations, especially for non-residence taxpayers. The Chinese government has been paying more attention on the need to pay tax for online celebrities, and as such large penalties could be applied if any problems are being found. Additionally, there is currency control measures in place which means the currency exchange is limited and under surveillance.

Our financial team will handle all these issues for our partners. We would maximize tax reduction and minimize currency exchange risk. A suitable structure for tax reduction purpose would been set at the beginning and a currency exchange plan and hedging method would be applied. We have a great relationship with a bank and could eliminate all currency exchange problems.

We will make sure all the profit you receive from China is free from any legal or tax issues.

Compliance Management

China has the strictest legal regulations. In the past couple of years, the central government is ever keen to tighten social controls. For example, a foreigner might use an incorrect map of China or express political words unconsciously. These would result in significant negative effects, especially for foreign online celebrities. Some of them even have been banned from the Chinese media industry.

We would help our client implement relevant standards, regulations, laws, and values in China.


Differing language is the biggest barrier for foreign video producers to enter China. We think translation is the most important part, as proper translation would keep maker’s original meaning and ensure an audience in China would understand the value of the video. We have a translation team who will provide translated subtitles and comments with efficiency and accuracy.

Video Edit

This is seldom but necessary. We usually do not make any change on the videos and declare that we have no intention to change any original video if unnecessary and any change would be agreed by partners. As we understand and respect the value of our partners’ expression.

We have experienced video editors in our team who are ready to help under special circumstances as mentioned above.

Social Media Monitoring

The opinion of subscribers/fans is fundamental to video sharing. The feedback from them is very important and requires quick responses once negative effects happens. We have a partnership with one of the biggest Chinese media monitoring companies. The monitoring would be up to date in which we would collect, analyze, and generate feedback for our partners.

Customized service

We are happy to talk for any customized service to help our partners, including providing storage for goods, arranging visiting in China, seeking local cooperation with Chinese online celebrities etc. We have strong relationship with people who are online celebrities or famous in this industry and we would love to talk about various types of partnership opportunities.